Responsive VR Petspace

Credits:  Pete did the programming, Caitlin did the UX and I did the 3D artwork


The Wallis Annenberg PetSpace in CA is a place where people come to play, adopt, learn & grow. Virtual Reality was used for parts of the design process. VR allowed the artists and art directors to work confidently in an immersive environment.


Here’s how the VR done: 3D assets were optimized for VR. lighting effects were baked in. And real-time shaders were used to create that realistic look. The UX was designed to be intuitive and work seamlessly on mobile, an desktop, for flat screens. And Cardboard, Oculus and Vive for VR headsets.  The development platform works on the web without a plug-in and is linked to just one URL  so it’s easy to share.


- tweed, text, email the link and it will work on any platform. So whether you’re on a flat screen or a VR headset the same link will deliver a consistent experience.

- I call it responsive VR.


Be sure to check out the demo by clicking the "Live Demo" button above.